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Archery in Europe’s first archery village

Was that a bear by the wayside? In Europe’s first archery village, not only the bear taps, but roe, hare and wild boar are also waiting on the starting line. Yet only fully in their rubber substance – also called 3-D targets. On lush meadows and in ancient forests you can practice your marksmanship here. This way you’ll not only learn to focus and keep calm, but you’ll also discover completely unexpected details in this wonderful nature while doing so. No matter if you set off on the archery course to practice your skills or simply want to spend a great time with family and friends, this outing is suspense-packed – promised.

Archery Village Stuhlfelden

Ever thought of practising the perfect shot with bow and arrow? If yes, then Europe’s first archery village is the ideal holiday destination. If no, now is the time if ever.
Professional basic lessons and varied courses are the keywords for a holiday of the special kind. Because in the archery-eldorado of Stuhlfelden, not only the Robin Hoods among the guests will get their money’s worth.

The Archery Village at a glance

Stuhlfelden offers no less then three different archery courses, one outdoor park and one indoor hall for shooting fans. After all, at some stage always shooting at the same target starts to get boring. So the 3-D targets in the Pinzgau forests are a great deal more exciting.
On the way through the course can practice not just your marksmanship and stance, but also endurance and surefootedness in the forest. For all beginners: Good footwear and long trousers are definitely recommended.

Beginners’ courses & Training sessions

Nock an arrow, pull the bowstring, squint your eyes, aim at the target and release. Sounds easy? Archery means more than just aiming and releasing. Apart from the correct shooting technique, this sport requires lots of concentration and patience. To elevate your marksmanship above that of beginner’s luck, a basic lesson in the indoor hall is the perfect start. When the fundamentals and techniques have sunk in, you can plunge headlong into the intensive course.

Archery rentals & Pro Shop

As most of us don’t have bow and arrow lying around at home, Stuhlfelden also offers a rental outlet for those first attempts. Buying the complete equipment just to get started would likely be overkill.
But those who cannot imagine a life without bow and arrow any more, will find professional advice in the archery village’s Pro Shop. That way, nothing can go wrong when you make your purchase.

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