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Archery in Europe’s first archery village

Was that a bear by the wayside? In Europe's first archery village, it's not only the bear that's dancing, but also the deer, hare and wild boar. Full, however, only in their rubber substance - also called 3D targets. On lush meadows and rustic forests you can train your marksmanship here. Not only will you learn to focus and stay calm, but you will also discover unexpected details in this beautiful nature. Whether you go to the archery course for sporting reasons or simply want to spend a good time with family and friends, this excursion is full of excitement - promised.

The Archery Village at a glance

Stuhlfelden offers a free practice range, which can be used at any time. (There is no possibility to rent equipment) In addition, there are two different archery courses with 28 targets each. After all, it gets boring at some point to constantly go after the same target. The 3D targets in the Pinzgau forests are much more exciting.
On the way through the courses not only accuracy and posture are trained, but also endurance and surefootedness in the forest. For all beginners: Good shoes and long pants are recommended in any case.

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