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National park capital Mittersill

All roads lead to Rome? No, to Mittersill! No matter from which cardinal direction – for those who want to make their way to Upper Pinzgau there really is no way around the municipality. And those who see Mittersill only passing through have only themselves to blame. Because to the great delight of the locals, the little town has preserved its original character. Here, the nature of the national park and the historic attractions of the town go hand in hand. People still greet each other on the streets, children play outside and the train still only leaves once an hour.

The way to the national park capital

Mittersill has always scored with its central location right by Salzach River, between Thurn Pass and Felbertauern. This has allowed the former municipality to develop into a commercial and educational centre in Upper Pinzgau.
But “national park capital” also just sounds better than “main municipality”. In addition, since Mittersill was elevated to town-status on 08/08/2008, the Mittersill town festival is also celebrated annually. We believe that is a definite if reason for the town-status.

Historic highlights

The national park centre certainly has plenty to offer, but history is not part of it. But if that were the only attraction in Mittersill, we’d have some serious explaining to do now. Thus for culture fans, in addition to three lovely churches, there is also the local museum in Felberturm that shines a light on the history of trading by pack animals, among other things. Moreover, the steam engine of the Pinzgau local railway stops in town and is hard to surpass in terms of nostalgia.

Natural landmarks in Mittersill

Lake Hintersee in Mittersill and nearby Schösswendklamm have been declared natural landmarks. The same goes for the pagan church at Lake Elisabethsee – yes you’ve read correctly, yet another church. But instead of many little ones this one consists of just one large rock and also has little resemblance to a church in the traditional sense.
A special place that is definitely worth a visit. The hill moor “Wasenmoos” completes Mittersill’s natural landmarks. On the theme trail you can even learn a thing or two about the moor. Provided, of course, you actually read the around 30 presentation boards.

Holidays in the mountains - Mittersill

All summiteers can simply let the circular trail be a circular trail and just catch the next gondola of the panorama lift. In summer with hiking boots, in winter preferably with skis or snowboard.
After all, here you’ll enter directly into the world-famous ski and hiking area of the Kitzbühel Alps. By the way: The first summit cross on Resterhöhe is scaled while you’re still sitting in the gondola. And that with perfect views across Mittersill and Upper Pinzgau.

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