Europe’s first archery village


And once more Cupid’s arrow has hit its target. This time, it landed in a little village between the Hohe Tauern and the Kitzbühel Alps – in Stuhlfelden. You simply have to love this beautiful place. First mentioned in records in the year and 963, you can still find some exciting relics from those times here. But Cupid wouldn’t be Cupid had he not left behind more than just an arrow and heart’s blood. No, he also left behind a bow and a few targets – yes, Europe’s first archery village is located in Stuhlfelden. Through ancient forests and across lush meadows along a beautiful hiking trail you can hunt for animals ranging from deer to wild boar – also called 3-D targets. Here you can practice your marksmanship, calmness and concentration – here you can kick back and enjoy the phenomenal view of the Hohe Tauern and Kitzbühel Alps.

Leave the church in the village

Just two centuries after the origin, the first priest settled in Stuhlfelden and enjoyed quite a good life there. The Parish Church Maria Assumption in the village centre is regarded as the most art-historically significant church in Upper Pinzgau until this day. Just a few metres to the east, you’ll find heritage-protected Lichtenau Castle. So those who want to breathe some historic flair into their wedding vows have come to the right place here. Because the castle also houses Stuhlfelden civil registry office.

Stuhlfelden - For summiteers and leisure hikers

Stuhlfelden is located at the foot of Gaisstein Mountain (2,363 m), the highest summit in the Pinzgauer Grasberge Mountains. The fact that the summit cross is actually located in Tirol, is something we would rather call a not particularly well-kept secret. Especially as the hike up to the summit is not for everyone.
For less experienced hikers, the heritage-protected forest chapel and the likewise protected Saueckkapelle Chapel make for good destinations. Even without a summit cross, the two still make for great attractions with their views across Stuhlfelden.

The target in sight in Stuhlfelden

As Europe’s first archery village, Stuhlfelden has been delighting archers from across the world since 2003. Next to the archery course in the forests around the village there is also an indoor hall available. Perfect for all those who do not want to put down their bow and arrows even in winter. In summer, variety can be found on Hohe Tauern National Park golf course, part of which is located in the Stuhlfelden municipal area. Here marksmanship is called for at least as much as when doing archery. But instead of having the forest and trees before your eyes, you’ll be playing with splendid views of the surrounding mountains.

Holiday from the holidays

After so much history, culture and sports it’s time to begin the relaxing part of your holiday. Lying in the sun doing nothing is something that works well almost everywhere in Upper Pinzgau. But in our experience especially well at Stuhlfelden Outdoor Adventure Pool. Our tip: Writing postcards is even more fun with a view of the mountains.

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