Where the elder blossoms


The little herb and cultural village of Hollersbach owes its name to the elder bushes at the valley mouth. In keeping with Upper Pinzgau conventions, the Hollersbach locals are about as straightforward as their name-giving. It’s almost as if the elder had exercised its positive effect – thus it apparently not only boosts the immune system, but also lends wings. Because the Hollersbach locals are creative, nature loving and enjoy nothing more than celebrating whenever there is an opportunity. Be it the herb garden with its more than 500 different plants, the Panorama lift up to the Kitzbühel Alps, festivals showcasing traditional dance or the big farmers’ market – this village is at least as multifaceted as the effect of its elder at the valley mouth.

Hollersbach - From the year dot until today

Now lovingly described as a herb, art and culture village, Hollersbach im Pinzgau was first mentioned in documents in the 12th century. Many of the buildings in the village centre can look back on a long history – in particular Klausnerhaus Farm. Originally built as a farmhouse, the heritage-protected building now hosts many events such as weddings, seminars and cooking lessons. But even more visitors are seen by the post office and tourist information within its old walls.

Hollersbach between culture and herbs

Those who think they’ve seen it all having visited Saint Vitus parish church, the town hall and the parsonage, couldn’t be more wrong. After all, we already stated earlier just how multifaceted Hollersbach is. So: taking a peek around the corner every now and then pays off.
Because directly behind the Klausnerhaus you’ll find Hollersbach herb garden. Regular tours are offered and the little shop selling tea, soap and herbal salt also solves the usual dilemma of what to bring back home as a gift. Even more educational input can be found on the associated bee nature trail at Hollersbacher Sonnberg.

Swimming & bathing in Hollersbach

In summer, Hollersbach’s natural swimming lake can’t be missed by those seeking to cool down. Provided it is hot and the locals also make their way there carrying their beach bags and sunshades. For all water-shy holidaymakers we recommend a detour into the forest – preferably during the day. The footpath “Owa de Zei” (above the fences) in the south-west of Hollersbach is ideally suited for this.

Hollersbach’s sunny and shady side

We know: The panorama lift and the world-famous ski and hiking area Kitzbühel Alps on the sunny side of Hollersbach are certainly quite impressive. But who wants to squeeze into a gondola when you can simply make a beeline for Hohe Tauern National Park. Hollersbachtal Valley, famous throughout Pinzgau, on the shady side even gets to boast the title of the second-most visited valley in the national park.

We have cause to celebrate

The best stories often begin with “The other day at the village festival”. In keeping with this principle, the Hollersbach locals are always out in great numbers at the local festivities. Be it the Lederhosenparty by the Mittersill - Hollersbach rural youth, the Mayfest by the sports club, the numerous outdoor concerts by the band in traditional costumes or the traditional farmers’ market at the beginning of October.

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