Mittersill - Hollersbach - Stuhlfelden

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All roads lead to Rome? No, to Mittersill - Hollersbach - Stuhlfelden! No matter from which cardinal direction – for those who want to make their way to Upper Pinzgau there’s really no way around Mittersill municipality. And those who see Mittersill only passing through have only themselves to blame. Because to the great delight of the locals, the little town has preserved its original character.
Here, the nature of the national park and the historic attractions of the town go hand in hand. People still greet each other on the streets, children play outside and the train still only leaves once an hour. No matter if by car, train or plane, all means of transport will bring you to Mittersill - Hollersbach - Stuhlfelden.

Pictures from Mittersill - Hollersbach - Stuhlfelden

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